Grocery Store Detective

I’ve been hitting the street and doing some undercover shopping (all in the name of sodium safety) to discover the latest no-sodium, time-saving products.

For a long time, no-sodium sauces and breads were only available on the world wide web or by making them by hand, at home.  Now, they are showing up on the grocery store shelves in droves and are making no-sodium cooking and snacking even easier.

So here is the beat on my latest discoveries that will be sure to become shopping list staples.

Multiple brands of no salt tomato sauces (0-15mg per serving)


Consistently seen lurking around Real Foods and Whole Foods markets

Canoodles with noodles (in less than ten minutes – quick dish, lots of flavor)

Muir Glen No Salt Added Tomato Sauce

(Also available: No Salt Added Crushed Tomatos, and No Salt Added Tomato Paste)

Anna’s Marinara Sauce

(they don’t have a website yet, but it is a black and white hand-drawn label with an Italian woman cooking over a big delicious pot of sauce – second shelf to the top on the far right in the picture above)

*Bonus Tip: Check out your local Italian Pasta Shop and ask about their hand made pasta – they generally do not use salt in their pasta recipe (usually a combo of semolina, egg, water, and flour) and can flavor their noodles with garlic, lemon, and herbs – bonus on taste! Also, keep an eye out for Rega San Marzano products – these sauces tend to have 0mg sodium, just remember to check the label before purchasing.


A new bready option (0mg of sodium)

Consistently seen lurking at Whole Foods markets

Impersonates sandwich bread, pizza crust, crackers, and pita chips

Eastern Bakery Whole Wheat Lavash Bread
Low-sodium milk product (20mg per 1 cup)

Consistently seen lurking at Whole Foods markets

Does a body good – and can top your low sodium cereal, make your cream of wheat creamy, and substitute for whole milk in your favorite recipes

Oat Dream


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2 responses to “Grocery Store Detective

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  2. Helen Silverstein

    thank heavens you found a low sodium non dairy product. I have been searching for this. Thank you!!

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