Be A Boar

Today’s post is brought to you by Boar’s Head.  Well, not in the traditional sense – no advertising money here – but this deli meat powerhouse is launching an “assault on salt” and they want you to know about it.

Boar’s Head understands that keeping a low sodium diet is difficult.  With over 2,300 mg of sodium in one teaspoon of salt, it is easy to reach your upper daily limits, especially when noshing on prepared goodies.  But these foods – like a delicious sub sandwich – are quick to purchase, making lunch and life easier.

So instead of sayingy goodbye to roast beef and swiss cheese, Boar’s Head says hello to low sodium versions of your favorite deli items.  Check out their online brochure for the list of  delicious low sodium bites that are safe for you to eat.

My personal favorites are the No Salt Added Roast Beef (40mg of sodium per serving) and the No Salt Added Swiss (10mg of sodium). Depending on your daily limit, there is a meat to fit every diet.  And don’t be worried about label misinformation – Boar’s Head assures me that nutritional content is substantiated by USDA-tested sodium levels and FDA standards.

So ask your local grocer to order some Boar and stock up your fridge with the low sodium meats that will keep you healthy and full.

Chow on.



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3 responses to “Be A Boar

  1. waiwa

    did you get any free samples??? i’d be interested to hear your take on some of their product offerings 🙂

    • No free samples, but they did do me the favor of finding out what stores carry the no salt added products. If you can’t find the Boar’s Head meat you’re looking for, ask your local deli or grocer to bring some in for you!

  2. Milli

    yea! is it just me or does most lunch meat come marinated in nasty liquid? it’s always nice to actually taste the meat, rather than saltiness.

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