The County Fair

Harvest moons, hay rides, contests for the best pig call – these are the things I think of when I hear the words “county fair.” But as an urbanite, it is hard to come by a true, country festival as they are in the wheat-filled homelands. Sure, I’ve been to San Mateo County’s version of it, but the Ferris Wheel and corn dog hardly made me feel more attached to my community or my food.

Lucky for us, the SF Giants and CUESA–best known for the SF Ferry Building Farmer’s Market, one of my favorite places in the world besides Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory (which, let’s face it, is not real)–are bringing rural charm to the city.

Last year, the SF Giants hosted their first County Fair, which again was more akin to a summer concert than a celebration of the bounty of fresh food and grandma’s rhubarb pie. So, in its second year, they called on the sustainable food gurus (CUESA) to bring a more traditional feel to the festivities.

At their Urban Eats tent, you’ll find classic fair contests–think you have the best pickle? Well, then enter and see–and live cooking demonstrations and food-related exhibits. Everyone from jamming savants to first-time growers (and even those who have never picked up a frying pan) will enjoy the event and leave with knowledge that will make us all more sustainable and healthy.

So what does this have to do with low sodium food? Well, two things: first, when you begin with fresh ingredients, it is easier to have your food be completely sodium free. And second, County Fair food is off limits most of the time due to the high sodium content of fried food. But CUESA’s introduction of homegrown and homemade goods–again, which start with fresh ingredients–gives you a higher chance of finding some fresh fruit or other unexpected low sodium treats to nibble on.

So check out the event on my page and get your butt to the Ballpark on Sunday, June 20 to see what urban gardening is sprouting up around you. And if you need some extra inspiration, check out my recipes for some homemade, low sodium pickles and cheese.

Chow on.


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