Fancy Food Show

Two weeks ago, I was literally a kid in a low sodium candy store when I was lucky enough (slash: I bought a ticket) to attend the Fancy Food Show in New York City. Although I didn’t think I would find too many salt-free products in the endless aisles of food booths, I actually ended up discovering a handful of wonderful artisans and manufacturers who are based throughout the US (from Cali, to Wisconsin, to NYC) and who are making delicious and shelf-safe products, without the salt.

Although I had my camera with me and was prepared to take some fabulous shots of the bustling scene, the light was low and my hands were too busy stuffing cheese, chips, and chocolate into my mouth. So none of them turned out to be blog-worthy. Case in point below:

But luckily, my good friend and fellow blogger, KM Lake, was to the rescue and introduced me to a new cyber tool called Polyvore. Although it is most widely used for fashion websites, Polyvore is quickly infiltrating the food world. And with this collage-creating gadget, I was able to locate and clip out all the products I loved from the Fancy Food Show and create a nice little set of them for you. Not only does Polyvore produce a beautiful picture, it also provides links directly to Amazon where you can buy the product, if so moved. It’s a win-win situation: a pretty sight for your eyes and a satisfying treat for your mouth.

(Note: The only product that is not low sodium in this Polyvore set is the cheese – truth be told, I couldn’t find a picture of the paneer I saw and ate at the food show, so here is the real link to the Karoun website, where you can buy a block of paneer that only has 5mg of sodium per serving).

So have a Fancy Food Show of your own with this Polyvore set and look forward to many more grocery store round-ups with the same polished look in the near future.

Collage and chow on.



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2 responses to “Fancy Food Show

  1. How fun! Please pack me in your suitcase / pickle jar next time you go. And I LOVE your Polyvore set! 😉

  2. Kirsten

    Yes, Danielle’s chips are amazing. I’m in love with the coconut. We sell em at Bi-Rite 🙂

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