Going to the Chapel

Did you notice that a post was missing last Friday? I sure did and I guess it’s time for an explanation. For long-time readers, this will not come as a shock. But if you are new to the blog, well, you better sit down.

Sodium Girl is getting married. Hitched. Tied down. Wed to a wonderful man who wooed me with a home-cooked and salt-free meal of bok choy, chicken thigh, and sesame oil on our first date almost three and a half years ago. And now, as the journey down the aisle seems to be getting closer and closer, I see (with confidence and hunger) an adventurous, flavorful, and low sodium life ahead of us.

As we work on all the final prep though, the blog this week will take a bit of a pause. I promise to be back in full force after Labor Day with lots of pictures, food, and stories. So don’t worry, you haven’t lost me forever. And I won’t be changing my name either. I’ll always remain Sodium Girl.

But I do want to leave you (for the short time being) with a little taste of something for the coming days, to serve as a reminder to your eyes and taste buds that a brand new post is only a week away.

What I look forward to most about the wedding (besides seeing my lovely low sodium partner in crime at the alter) is not the wedding dress. Nor is it the flowers (which we don’t really have – my bouquet is made of kale and purple, baby artichokes). Nor is it the dancing (which, in all honesty, is a very close second).

What I look forward to the most is the food. A ridiculous amount of food. Endless appetizers of dim sum, miniature tamales, and plantain chips with guacamole.

A first course of heirloom tomatoes followed by an entrée of lamb and vegetable ravioli – I’m the bride, so I ordered two.

A special dessert (to be revealed next week). And finally, just as everyone gets tired, sliders and fries.

And the best part of all this face-stuffing goodness is that the amazing catering staff has prepared special versions of each bite – in bulk – that are sodium free. That’s right, dim sum sans salt. Thanks to this team of magicians, I will be assuredly fueled and full the entire night, from the time I am a single lady until I am a married woman.

So as your week rolls ahead and you are desperately missing Sodium Girl, slobber over this past post in which I detail the beauties of working with an amenable and creative catering staff.

Have fun, have a glass of champagne, and as always, chow on.



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13 responses to “Going to the Chapel

  1. Magdalena CAbrera

    Congratulations, SG!! I know you will be sublimely happy and I feel totally blessed to enjoy your joy vicariously and even share some of it!.

  2. Karen Barritt

    Congratulations Sodium Girl! I know your day will be everything you have dreamed about. I pray for you a long and happy life with Sodium Boy 🙂

  3. waiwa

    what a lucky guy. hope he appreciates all that good food you seem to cook up every day. mazeltov!

  4. Fantastic! Sending best to you both for a lifetime of happiness and love. Enjoy that special day…xoxo

  5. Emi

    I’m drooling over the food description. What a happy week! Congratulations to you and the boy!

  6. Sean


    Tell your dad that we’ll miss him at Saturday’s tailgate. 🙂

  7. Congrats Jess! Sending you and your man lots of love and happiness!

  8. I am so happy for you. Please give everything you’ve got to your happy marriage. We will gladly take second place.

  9. Congratulations Sodium Girl! He sure is one lucky guy 🙂 I wish you both the best!

  10. Dixter

    I’d love to see a photo of your bouquet!

  11. Robert

    Congratulations! Wish you and Sodium Boy all happiness! You’ve given so much to others and helped me on my low-sodium journey. Best Wishes!

  12. KB

    The food, wedding, dancing…was delicious!!! Congratulations!

  13. Leslie Mahoney

    I am thrilled to become acquainted with your website and look forward (I hope) to recipes from the wedding weekend! My personal fav’s were wedding salad and was it a wheatberry salad at brunch…the brunch potato salad was also wonderful.

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