Reader Reader All About It

With Halloween around the corner, I’m playing a little trick with some treats.

This post will not be about the lovely, low sodium sunchoke hash you see above. I merely used it to catch your attention – so please forgive me and consider it a lesson in (the lack of) truth in advertising that can exist out there in the wide food world. And, as a more pleasant aside, do keep your eyes peeled for the bulbous bubbles of flavor (i.e. sunchokes) at your farmers markets this weekend. We will be making this hash recipe on Wednesday. Promise. You can low sodium egg my house if we don’t.

So what is this post about if it isn’t about that scrumptious brunch dish above? Well, it is about you. The readers. The reason I write this blog every week.

Yesterday, I had a wonderful meet-up with Cheryl Sternman Rule of 5 Second Rule – she’s a writer, a wordsmith, a food warrior. And after an hour of talking about blogging and caffeine addictions, I was reminded of something very important. While it would be nice to grace the pages of Oprah Magazine with a killer low sodium recipe – and I wouldn’t necessarily say no to an offer – this was and is not the point of the blog. I started this site, this collection of thoughts, recipes, stories, and adventures, because it is something I wish I had when I began my own journey seven years ago. I want to show people that you can remove the restrictions from a restricted diet and that anything – from traveling to Thanksgiving turkey – is possible on a low sodium diet.

Mrs. Rule (and boy does she live up to her last name) reminded me that my most important audience is you – the people who can benefit most from this information. This blog is for you. And the information in it is for your enjoyment. And as I work on a very special project, I want to to make sure that I hear more from you.

I spend most of my time on this site talking about myself – BORING! And I want to be sure your needs, your questions, your queries are being answered.

I can’t tell you how exciting it is to hear directly from readers, like when I get a sodium-free recipe request – thank you Ms. Cindra Fox, I’m working on your enchiladas! – and I want to continue that conversation today and get to know you all a little better.

So, as you are procrastinating the Friday work hours away, waiting for the weekend to arrive, take some time to take this poll and make your low sodium voice heard.

And feel free to email me at SODIUMGIRL at GMAIL dot COM with any other comments or suggestions or your favorite posts!

Let’s be friends and as always, chow on.

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