Let’s Discuss

Rabbit rabbit and happy November!

Now that ghouls and goblins have been laid to rest for another year, it is time to focus on the more culinary-minded holidays ahead. November and December are by far my favorite months (besides the other ten) and I always look forward to the cookie fests and savory feasts that fill up my calendar. Baited breath, drooling mouth.

In preparation for all the good food to come, I thought it prudent to discuss the traditional dishes that define holiday meals. Whether it is a brined turkey, parmesan potatoes, or a glistening pecan pie – I am certain that everyone has a (salty) recipe or two that reminds them of crackling fires and family gatherings. And in order to avoid passing them up, or worse yet, eating them and paying the price, it’s time we roll up our sleeves and Salt-Free Holiday Fare.

So I turn to you for questions and queries. What foods define the holidays for you and which ones are you afraid that you have to give up? In the coming weeks, I’ll cover everything from pumpkins, to pies, and to jingle bells and together, we’ll figure out how you can have all your holiday favorites, without the salt.

Let the posts and emails begin!

Chow on.



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6 responses to “Let’s Discuss

  1. sage

    Any tips on sodium free baking will be greatly appreciated. Very curious about how to making a banging sodium free pecan pie…or maybe a combo pumpkin pecan pie… thanks sodium girl!

  2. Michelle

    Honey baked ham and cheesy potatoes.

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