Awesome Bucco and Awards

I think it’s safe to say that this week has left me feeling quite full.

I’m full from a special olive oil tasting I had at Long Meadow Ranch and thrilled by a newfound appreciation for how a little drop of the “good” stuff can make a bite of citrus burst.

I’m full from Wednesday night’s salt-free Mediterranean blogger dinner with Farm & a Frying Pan and Anne Pao (two ladies always up for a low sodium challenge), and my latest recipe for “awesome” bucco (modesty not included).

And I’m full of that giddy, buzzy feeling that comes when you feel like all the long hours and burned pots were worth the effort. And that perhaps, starting this little blog wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

You see, after barely digesting glasses of buttery oil, plates of cara cara oranges, and spoonfuls of melty lamb shanks, I woke up on Thursday morning to find out that I had been nominated for a “Homies” award.

Cue: blushing cheeks, silly grin, and phone call to mom, who immediately asks, “what’s a Homie?”

To answer her question, the Homies are “about discovering, sharing, and honoring the best in Home Blogs.” Winners are chosen by web surfers (like you) and they receive a $50 prize as well as a lot of new eyes on their site. Which equals a few new spatulas and a lot more readers.

But while cash prizes and traffic are great, the honor was a great reminder of why I started this blog in the first place. And since there is so much fresh blog bait finding its way to this homepage, I thought I would take a brief pause and explain what my kind of cooking is all about.

Sodium Girl is a food blog, dedicated to delicious meals, mouth-watering pictures, and recipes filled with creativity and taste. It’s about food that looks and tastes good and that doesn’t require too much fuss to make. All things, I’m sure, blogs have told you before.

However, there is one thing that makes this blog, its delicious meals, mouth-watering pictures, and simple recipes stand out from the rest. On this blog, there is no salt (yes, no salt) and every recipe, from lasagna to banana bread muffins, is created by using a lot of innovation and as little sodium as possible.

Now, before the Morton’s girl comes and raises hell outside of my door with her little yellow umbrella, let me just say that I am in no way trying to stir up a salt revolution. These flavor crystals have their place in the kitchen, on the counter, and in food. They help brighten even the most mild flavors, whether it is a chunk of chocolate or a slender spud. But for many of us, salt (and using less of it) can greatly impact our health. And sometimes, it just takes a little encouragement for someone to give this special diet a try.

I gave up the shaker over seven years ago as a result of Lupus-related kidney failure. I wanted to give my body every chance possible to thrive. And if cutting back on salt was the answer, then I was up for the challenge. Since then, I’ve avoided a kidney transplant and I was also able to go off of dialysis completely. I rely on a strict, low sodium diet and daily medications to remain healthy and strong. And I use a whole spice rack of other flavors to make my recipes delicious and satisfying. Trust me, I’m never going to let dietary needs get between me and good food.

So, if you’ve been told to cut back on sodium, or have someone in your life who needs to make the switch, then you’ve come to the right place. I’m determined that low sodium food can be just as satisfying as its saltier counterparts, if not better.

And if you like what’s going on here at Sodium Girl, feel free to hop on over to Apartment Therapy and give this little lady and her low sodium crusades your vote.

Thank you all — readers old and new — for your time, your mouse-clicks, and your interest in taking on a low sodium diet. And of course, for passing this little web address along to family and friends who might benefit from the advice.

Happy weekend to you all and as always, chow on.


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8 responses to “Awesome Bucco and Awards

  1. Alma Simmons

    I have recently been told to lower my salt intake by my doctor; and at first, I was very depressed about it because it is so hard to find food that does not have large amounts of salt. I look forward to receiving your emails. Thank you very much.

  2. Magdalena CAbrera

    Dear SG, You ‘ve got my vote for the Homie Award. And better yet, you’ve got my vote and heart for life.

  3. sagers

    woohoo brilliant woman! so proud to call you my homie.

  4. Sarah

    Just found your blog through the kitchn- I was recently diagnosed with Menieres disease and have been procrastinating cutting sodium out of my diet because I love food and cooking so much. So excited to find some great low sodium ideas so I don’t have to compromise taste for my health!

  5. Joann

    Wow…you’ve got my vote, too!!!! You’re my hero…and truly my “homie”…how lucky am I?

  6. Thank you all for your love and votes! And for those of you who just found the site, thank you for finding your way here and for finding the information helpful! Send any questions or conundrums my way. Together, we will all prove that low sodium diners are definitely not second-class eaters!

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