Look What I Made Wednesday – Wangs

Buttery, sweet, tangy, and tasty.

Nailed it.



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6 responses to “Look What I Made Wednesday – Wangs

  1. Gosh, I can’t find your recipe in your post – perhaps my computer is playing tricks on me?

  2. waiwa

    me thinks she’s saving all the recipes for the upcoming book. sneaky sodium girl 🙂

  3. Haha, Waiwa guessed right. But, LizTheChef, you may be even trickier than me. Can’t find the post?…so coy!

    Wednesday is pure tease. Building suspense, as they say. I feel bad, of course, for having to be so silent on these recipes, but I just want to get you all excited about the food that will be coming to your bookstores and kitchens soon! And even if there is no “how-to” included, hopefully these Wednesday posts will remind you that NOTHING, not even wangs, are impossible without salt.

    Cheers. Yum.

  4. The joke’s on me – love it! When does your book come out? Cannot wait…

  5. Scheduled for next fall. Seems far now, but I know it will breeze on buy!

  6. Magdalena CAbrera

    Clever marketing strategy, SG. Those “wangs” look delish!! Can’t wait to get my hands on that book of your come the fall!!

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