Look What I Made Wednesday: Eggs Benedict

It’s time for the weekly cookbook teaser and this week, I am going to show you one of my proudest creations thus far in a four photo love story.

But before we get to the foodie shots, let me give you a brief background on this dish.

Eggs benedict is to brunch as rain is to Seattle. They define each other. They go hand in hand. And I just got an SAT anxiety flashback…so give me a moment to collect myself. How I ever got into college, I’ll never know. Those tests were totally awful. If only they were about chocolate.

But back to Benedict. The most traditional version is made of two, toasted English muffin halves, topped with Canadian bacon, poached eggs, and Hollondaise sauce. It’s like a united nations of delicious.

Of course, other variations exist, like Eggs Florentine (spinach instead of ham), Eggs Montreal (salmon instead of ham), and Eggs Sardou (with artichokes instead of muffins, anchovies for the ham, and truffles instead of Hollondaise), just to name a few.

Which means there is more than enough room for a low sodium version too.

While I’m still working on the name for this dish (Eggs Beatrice? Ten points to whoever gets the nerd reference), I’ve nailed the ingredients. So as I brainstorm for an appropriately sassy title, feel free to oogle over the photo flirting below.

Chow on.



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7 responses to “Look What I Made Wednesday: Eggs Benedict

  1. waiwa

    oh the dearth of information of what comprises this dish is too much to bear! when will this cook book come out? how about a listing of ingredients in the hash cake SG?

  2. When IS that cookbook coming out?!

  3. pei

    That eggplant (beatrice) looks delicious! I’m staring at the last photo trying to convince myself that I have already enjoyed it!

    • Good guess on the eggplant…but that’s not it! Sorry, lips are sealed until next year. But that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with eggplant beatrices of your own!

  4. Magdalena CAbrera

    Oh Yum is right! Wish I had read this yesterday so as to have been able to cook it for my overnight guests this AM! Who is that gorgeous model?!

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