Turmeric Tofu Bites

Can we talk about tofu for a second?

What was once thought of a bland and boring brick of vegetarian blah, has now made its way to the culinary big leagues. And while its pure white cube form is probably the most recognizable to meat eating eyes, tofu now comes in a variety of dressed up variations. Some are soaked in teriyaki, others are made to taste like chicken, some are even transformed into “cheese.”

The point being that tofu is a great canvas for flavor. And while I think it is rather tasty just cut up, raw, on its own, tofu can become something really special with just a quick soak in sesame oil and curry powder. Or turmeric. Or garlic powder. Or miso and sake. Or sesame seeds. You get the point.

And to kick it up one extra notch, I like to bake my tofu in the oven (425 dg F) for 10 minutes on each side so that they puff up and get crispy. You could also fry them in oil if you want them to be a bit more moist.

Use them as colorful (and flavorful) toppers to a simple salad or rice bowl. Or even stick a toothpick in them and serve as an unusual appetizer with a low-sodium chili and ginger dipping sauce.

It can be a snack. It can be a meal. And no matter what, it is low-sodium and full of flavor.

Happy weekending.

Chow on.




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3 responses to “Turmeric Tofu Bites

  1. lolabean

    I’m not a big tofu fan, but that looks down right delicious!!

  2. Chris

    What is the best form of tofu to purchase to make sure that it is low to noo sodium? I see tofu in my local farmer’s market in difference varieties. Can it be found in grocery stores in the same form?

    • Hi Chris! I generally buy packaged tofu that has a nutrition label on the packaging. And most of them have 15mg of sodium or less, as long as they are not flavored or marinated in something. You can find tofu in silken, soft, firm, and super firm varieties all without sodium. And now, you can also get yuba strips with very low-sodium from HodoSoy (although I believe they are only in the bay area). I hope this helps!

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