Thoughts on Release and Sesame Seeds

Sometimes you just need to let go.

You need to find time to sit down and watch Country Strong and cry your eyes out over a few notes of twang. Or make it to that yoga class to stretch, breathe, and namaste. Or just shake that sesame shaker so hard that the entire thing opens and all the little seeds spill out.

Sometimes blockages just have to get blown apart.

And sometimes you don’t know when it will happen. But you just have to accept it and go with it.

Like with this pork stir fry. It started out as a simple little dish: some leftover kale, a little bit of pepper, and a drizzle of honey. And then I decided to gussy it up with some sesame seeds (just a sprinkle, of course).

But when I opened the bottle, the seeds wouldn’t budge. The clock was ticking. The pork was tightening. The greens were wilting. And I shook and shook. And the seeds remained stubbornly inside.

Until I shook so hard that both sides of the bottle (“sprinkle” and “full shower”) opened. And out poured the sesames in all their glory.

Blockage removed, chi was returned. At least for those seeds.

And instead of crumbling apart myself, I went with it. I added more honey and a sticky glaze of Ginger People Chili Pepper Sauce (salt-free) and 1 tablespoon of Chinese five-spice powder. And then the seeds – instead of being a disaster – became a wonderful salt-free, crunchy coating for the pork. Peace was returned, to life and the kitchen. No tears and no salt necessary.

So I guess the lesson is, when the flood gates open, embrace the overflow. Then add some honey.

And always, chow on.



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3 responses to “Thoughts on Release and Sesame Seeds

  1. Magdalena CAbrera

    Beautiful metaphor for life. I love it. I love you.

  2. Terrific post – I need to let the shaker go too…

  3. YUM!! love you and love that country strong. let it go girl!

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