Sodium Girl in the Kitchn


They are like the loch ness monster of low sodium food–super hard to find. Especially when being catered to at someone else’s home.

So I was delighted when the Kitchn asked me to do a piece on some salt-free, bite-sized snacks that would be safe for low sodium diners; seriously appealing to the other, non-restricted guests; and easily made with simple ingredients that any home cook might have on hand.

But don’t hog these recipes. Feel free to share them with your friends. Not just for your or my own benefit. But because they really are fun twists on classics that everyone will enjoy. And who knows, maybe they’ll just happen to show up at the next party.

Chow on. And check out the Kitchn article right here.



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6 responses to “Sodium Girl in the Kitchn

  1. Magdalena CAbrera

    Yum, yum. Haven’t eaten since noon yesterday. These are looking seriously delicious, SG! thanks.

  2. MMMM!! Congrats on the article – and such great recipe ideas! I love the salsa in particular and can almost feel the little seeds popping right now. Love it.

  3. Do you know of any fast food restraunts that serve any low sodium foods

    • Hi Janet! Welcome to the site! And as for fast food restaurants, many are starting to lower the sodium content of their items, but the numbers are still quite high. But depending on what your sodium limits are, you may be able to find some items that are lower than others. Or you can balance out a higher sodium meal with lower ones the rest of the day. Of course, it is best to eat as fresh of food as possible…salads, greens, non-processed items will always be sodium-safe! And in terms of getting things of that nature fast (and cheap), you can actually find a lot of healthy options in corner markets and even drug stores…you just have to keep an eye on the labels and those creative juices running!

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