A Fund for Jennie

I was having a hard time deciding on what to write about today.

I thought about talking about my new shoes–or actually slippers which have lint-lifters on the bottom so that you can scrub your floors as you shuffle about your home.

I tested them out yesterday. I looked silly. And I discovered that my floor is really dirty.

I thought about salads, because so many of you wonderful people seem to like sprinkling salt on them and want an alternative to bump up the taste.

(Here’s the quick answer: 1. try cayenne pepper, black pepper, a sprinkle of salt-free garlic powder, or celery seed to liven it up; 2. use vinegars, oils, and citrus to add zip; 3. use more exciting greens like raw kale, Brussel sprouts, and arugula for a natural flavor booster).

I thought about telling you about this new restaurant I found where they make Japanese yakitori (meat on sticks) without the salt. Or my idea for savory donuts. Or my latest adventure in making low sodium “shrimp n’ grits.”

But then I thought about Jennie. And her girls. And the tahini pie. And that while my life has gone on, their new journey is just beginning.

And speaking of journeys, I started to think about you all again too–you’re never far from my mind. And how overwhelming a salt-free diet is when you are just getting started. Especially the shopping.

Where should I look for low-sodium food? What should I buy? What is safe? What isn’t? Will I ever have salsa and chips again? And, lord, please tell me that there is someone out there who makes low-sodium ice cream. Please. Oh please.

So here’s what I decided to write about today.

This weekend, I’m auctioning off a very special low-sodium starter basket filled to the brim with my favorite Sodium Girl approved, salt-free items. I’m talking about licorice, pickles (yeah, I said pickles), chips, vinegar, nori (for homemade sushi), cookies, tomato sauce, spices, and other goodies that will get your excited-meter climbing to new heights.

Here are the deets (as in details): bidding starts NOW by either placing your bid in the comments below or through a “silent” email to sodiumgirl at gmail dot com. I will continue to update the highest bid at the bottom of this post, on twitter (@sodiumgirl), and Facebook. And bidding will officially close at 5pm PST on this upcoming Tuesday, August 30.

Payment will most likely be handled through PayPal on the Bloggers Without Borders site and a shipping address will be required. And the proceeds from this auction and your goody-goody basket will help Jennie and her girls find their footing along this new path they are trekking.

So I bid you, go bid on auction items at the wonderful Bloggers Without Borders. Or on this salt-free package right here on this site. And save me from telling you about my lint shoes. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to hear about the not-goody-goodies they picked up.

Help on.


Want to just donate instead? Go here!


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9 responses to “A Fund for Jennie

  1. Anne Marie

    Thank you SG!!! How cool that this is what you wrote about today!!!

    🙂 You rock!!

  2. I’ll bid $40. Sounds like a great goodie basket!

  3. What a great post. You inspire me!

  4. Great job – San Diego bloggers are putting together our stuff for auction too.

  5. Lil

    I bid $50. Yum.

  6. My bid is for $100.00. And I am keeping Jennie and her little ones in my heart.

  7. Samara Meir-Levi

    Beautiful post SG! Seems particularly fitting this weekend. Next time I’m in the city I want to see those slippers, they sound awesome!! Hope you guys are doing well.

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