Remember…NEW SITE!

Hi friends. If you want to read about corn dogs and other low-sodium adventures, remember to head over to


the brand new, Sodium Girl site for all the salt-free tips and tricks you can dream of. Once you’re there, also remember to resubscribe when you get there (RSS and Email options will be on the right!), so that the little internet elves tell you when I’ve posted something new.

So what are you waiting for. Seriously, low-sodium corn dogs lie ahead!


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2 responses to “Remember…NEW SITE!

  1. Doris N

    I made the low-sodium Sweet-potato Biscuits, we did not like them. They were not flaky but moist and real orange like sweet potatoes. Did not look anything like the picture.

    • Hi Doris! That’s no good! I’ll be retesting them this week to see what the issue was.

      In the meantime, thanks for your feedback. As I’ve said many times, I’m not a trained chef. Especially when it comes to the blog, which is often my recount of recipes that I’ve made on the fly for dinner, Thanksgiving, and other meals. Like most home-cooks.

      I’m simply an adventurer trying to make the most of a low-sodium life. So my recipes (although meant to be delicious) are first and foremost meant to inspire others to see the spice, fun, and adventure in a low-sodium diet.

      (When it comes to my cookbook though, rest assured everything was tested a gajillion times. So your Fake Scallops will surely look like my fake scallops).

      Do let me know if you made any changes from the original biscuit recipe (which came from Martha Stewart!), so that I can properly retest them! I’ll let you know of any changes.

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