Happy New Year and New Site!

Hello wonderful low-sodium friends!

I am so pleased to see that many of you continue to check in at the old Sodium Girl site (here, right here, like this exact page that you are looking at). It is so nice to see you here.

But just a quick reminder: we’ve moved! And all the low-sodium awesomeness is happening at totally rad and upgraded digs at


So please, click on the link, come on over, sign up for a subscription or RSS feed so you receive little emails when I’ve posted something new. And if you have any troubles, just email me at sodiumgirl AT gmail DOT com. Later this month, I’m taking this site down, so join us as soon as you can.

The food is fine!


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5 responses to “Happy New Year and New Site!

  1. AnnieOH

    Not me. I’m checking in on the beautiful new site. Very lovely and full of good ideas.

  2. Magdalena CAbrera

    I have registered at the new site so hopefully I will continue to get your posts delivered to my email box. I don’t want to miss any of your news and updates, fab recipe ideas and sparkle.

  3. cyn

    Your new site is quite lovely, but I find that it takes F O R E V E R to load. I guess patience is a virtue.

  4. Nice new site, what about some new posts then ;)?

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