The Blog

I’m a girl on a mission.

Faced with kidney failure and a handful of other medical complications, I decided that nothing would stop me from having a full life and a full belly.

I discovered that a well controlled, sodium free diet was key to staying healthy and active. But it took time and years of experimenting to achieve the delicate balance of eating well while maintaining a busy schedule and a budget.

With a few years of sodium free cooking, eating, and living under my belt, I started this blog to give others a jump start in their own journey.

Whether motivated by reasons medical or personal, I hope these tidbits of information are helpful to everyone seeking to lower their sodium intake without loosing the flavor or the thrill of eating. I also hope that others, not limited in their choices, will find my advice, recipes, and general shennanigans equally enlightening.

So read on, chow down, and get cooking. Sodium free can be flavor full.


2 responses to “The Blog

  1. I have a tough time with sodium…try to avoid it. I retain a ton of water, and at night, dry mouth to the point of having to wake up for water frequently.

    Looking forward to your recipes.

  2. Bryn Hogan

    Hey Jessica,
    Do you remember me? My parents (Bears and Samahria) and your mom, as you know, have been friends for many years and you and I even had lunch quite a long time ago….I just wanted to drop you a note because your mom mentioned about your blog and I was checking it out and I thought it might be great for us to connect. I feel like we have both had many health challenges and I have come to learn so much that has really helped my mind as I move through all of this. It seems that you have found so much to help/guide the body (I too have many dietary restrictions, as well as allergies etc) and perhaps we can help each other (at the very least, you can SURELY help me, as my ‘best’ dish is steamed broccoli….:)
    I hope to hear from you at some point, if you’d like –

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