Want more Sodium Girl? Who doesn’t! Here are some other places you can find her writing (or people writing about her). Just click and be magically transported to some fun, supplementary articles that are hot off the press. It’s a great way to learn more about sodium-free living and, of course, to procrastinate from that pile of work that is sitting in front of you. Don’t worry, it will all get done. Read on.

San Francisco Chronicle

Salt and the City

SF Healthy Foods Examiner

Epicurious comes to San Francisco for a Farmers Market Tour and a White House Initiative

Pasta Gina: Diet-friendly, Italian fare

CUESA goes to the SF Giants County Fair

From scratch: Chicken butchery class with 18 Reasons

Low salt supper at Absinthe

Reciprocity: Sodium Girl

Crazy Sexy Life

Redefining Success

Arthritis Today Magazine

Sodium Girl

A Heart Healthy Start

Stanford Hospital

Lupus Patient Doesn’t Take Kidney Disease with a Grain of Salt

Center for Urban Education on Sustainable Agriculture (CUESA)

Where the Wild Bees Are

Homestead Chickens and Chow Mein

The Family That Gardens Together Stays Together

Learn Long and Prosper

Oysters in the Summer

Fresh Off the Presses: Two New Artisan Tortillas

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  1. Lee Martines

    I would be very interested in you cookbook. Is It out yet? Any tips you can send me would be appreciated. Is there such a thing as no soduim bread or at least low sodium

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