Good Eats

Restaurants, frozen yogurt shops, and everything in between – here’s a list of the people and places that will satisfy your taste buds and low sodium needs. Click below for all the posts under the Good Eats name:

Good Eats

Or check out my reviews on Yelp! to see a full listing of the restaurants that can expertly navigate strict, dietary needs while still serving a plate of food that you will never forget.

7 responses to “Good Eats

  1. deb

    Wonderful web site!

  2. Hilary

    Please let me know where the receipe is for low sodium ranch dressing

  3. Melanie

    Where do you find pasta sauces, and soups?

    • Hi Melanie! Soups I tend to make at home. Immersion blender + roasted veggies + water/wine/or broth = delicious soup.
      There are also some salt-free bouillons on the market, but they do contain potassium chloride which some kidney patients cannot eat. So depending on your limits, check out Herb-Ox for some quick, salt-free beef and chicken broth.
      As for pasta sauces, whole foods tends to have multiple lines of salt-free or no-salt-added tomato sauce. Check out Eden Organic and Muir Glenn. And most Italian brands, like Pomi, contain no sodium.

  4. Donna

    I just read about your site in the September Better Homes and Gardens. I too need to cut down on my salt intake. I found your information and resipes inspiring. Keep up the good work.

  5. Lorraine

    I also read your article in Better Homes mag. I think your blog is very inspiring & useful! I have borderline high bp (even though I am in good shape otherwise). It is unfortunately hereditary. I don’t feel like I eat much salt to begin with. Your blog makes it easier to put low sodium ingredients together to make great recipes…Thanks!

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